Other Ministries

Membership Services - The Membership Services ministry facilitates and ensures the proper care and nurturing of the new members that God entrusts to Triumphant Life Church. They aid the pastor in keeping members connected with the church by providing them with the inspiration and information needed to transition smoothly into our church family.

Praise Team – the praise and worship team is assigned the task of leading the congregation in corporate praise and worship to God through song. They have the responsibility of ministering to God (Acts 13:1-2) and producing an atmosphere of worship where worshippers can have an authentic encounter with God.

E-LIFE Children Ministry – Children’s Church
“Taking children to destination through Christ”
Kingdom Kidz – ages 4 to 12

Greeters – The Greeters Ministry is assigned the responsibility of fulfilling the scriptural admonition to show kind affection to one another. Greeters express love, warmth, and welcome all worshippers. This ministry tends to the needs of God’s people from the time they approach the church entrances until they are seated in the seats.)

The Greeter Ministry is multi-faceted and encompasses a wide variety of tasks, assignments, and duties. Greeters function as ushers and render their service first and primarily to God and they ensure that the worship service is conducted decently and in order. It is the job of the Greeter to insure that worshippers are comfortable and that nothing inhibits their focus on worship. They are guard the flock from frustration, alienation, and confusion.

Fireproof Marriage Ministry – The Fireproof ministry serves as a source of strength and instruction for couples that are married or seriously dating. This ministry seeks to provide biblical and practical instruction to strengthen covenant relationships. The mandate is prepare and fireproof marriages through the word to stand through the test of life.

FOCUS SINGLES MINISTRY – The Single’s ministry is designed to inspire, encourage, and inform singles on how to occupy themselves with purpose during the single season of their life.
Media Ministry – This ministry has the responsibility of researching and utilizing technology and the medium of media to spread the gospel. They are responsible for the recording, duplication, and distribution of ministry products.

Photography Ministry - The photography ministry is a ministry of remembrance that captures the vision of the house coming to pass. Habakkuk 2:3 tells us that the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it will surely speak. This ministry demonstrates the faithfulness of God and speaks of His promises through photographs.

Team Project - The Media Team is committed to making all church function experiences pleasing, memorable and relaxing through the medium of sound, video and lighting in addition to producing high quality products for sale directly after each service.

W.O.W. (Words of Wisom) – This ministry is designed to provide fellowship for, give honor to, and ministry through citizens of the Kingdom over 55.
Church Without Walls ministry demonstrates the love of Christ through word and deed to the hospitalized, bereaved, and destitute at home and abroad.Team Project Vision Statement – The Church without Walls team is committed to providing a worship experience for those that can’t make it to church, through each month providing a enriching experience.

Intercessors – The intercessor ministry fulfills the scriptural mandate to pray for one another. Although all Christians are instructed to pray without ceasing the intercessors commit to pray for the needs of our pastor and family, the church, and community on a daily basis. Our Vision Statement: The Intercessors team is committed to fulfill the scriptural mandate to pray for one another, by compromising a list each week of areas need to be on the alter for pray by the team and congregation.

Transportation Ministry – The transportation ministry provides transportation to and from worship services to parishioners in need. Our Vision Statement: The Transportation team is committed to provide first-class transportation, by returning all calls for transportation within two hours of pick up time.
Triumphant Touch Recovery Ministry – Our goal is to put out the fire of addiction and to start an on fire desire to serve God.”“Pressing against the wounds of a broken life”
Isaiah 61 Prison Ministry – This ministry spreads the verbal and visible gospel of Jesus Christ through monthly outreach to local prisons, detention centers, and jails.

Health and Wholeness Ministry – This ministry emancipates parishioners from the bondage of unhealthy living. It seeks to help the people of God “prosper and be in health” through educational seminars and fitness training.

Wealth Builders – Wealth Builders ministry is assigned the task of helping believers experience emancipation from the bondage of financial instability. They carry out this task through educational seminars and creative and practical financial training.

Missions Ministry – Taking the Gospel to local and foreign lands in order to restore, revive and repair the lives of people.

Triumphant Life Bookstore serves as the center for spiritual supplements for our congregants. Spiritual growth is a primary concern for our members at Triumphant; therefore this ministry provides resources that enhance our member’s understanding of the Word.

Security Ministry – The security ministry provides a safe and secure environment for worshippers before, during, and after worship. They ensure that all things are done decently and in order on all church premises.




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